Cameron James McLaren (b. Toronto, Canada). Currently based in Auckland, New Zealand.

I found a passion for documentary photography at a young age. Learning the craft of image making from my father in our home darkroom. An ideal, method and process that continues in my work to the present.

With have a strong interest in human circumstance, my work often focuses on sharing stories of people and communities which are little known or under represented. Always with a strong theme of bringing the unseen, unique or curious to the viewer. I base my work around personal connections and unconventional moments, it often becomes autobiographical.


Folk Syndrome, Cabin Fever Books, 2022 

Field Studies #10. Bad News Books, 2022

Gloriavale, Self Published. 2016


The Two of Us @ George Fraser Gallery, Auckland, June 2022

Isolation @ Te Wero Island, Auckland Festival of Photography, May/June 2021

Let me See you @ Auckland Festival of Photography, June 2017

Gloriavale @ Black Asterisk. February, 2017


Master of Fine Arts Candidate, Elam School of Fine Arts (2022-Current)

Magnum Photos Workshop (w Thomas Dworzak) 2015

Diploma Audio Engineering, Music and Audio Institute of NZ 2003


Winner, Gloriavale. Best Photo-Story / Essay. Voyager Media Awards 2020


Talking Culture, w/ Olivier Laurent @ Ellen Melville Centre June 2021

Film Photography, Presented by Leica NZ @ Progear, Auckland. April 2021

Exposure Wellington. Presented by Leica NZ and NZIPP, June 2017

In 2022 I founded Cabin Fever Books as a place to make collaborative book projects with artists across different fields. In the same year I joined the MFA programme at Elam School of Fine Arts as a candidate to complete in 2024.

My work has been published by The Washington Post, The New York Times, Leica Fotografie International, The Guardian, Time Magazine, New Zealand Geographic, Vice and more.

Available internationally for commissions and assignments.  
For print inquires please use the contact form.


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