Plastic Trees. Latvia, Unpublished (ongoing project) 2018.

The Black Cave︎︎︎ 

End of The Iron Age︎︎︎

From Lockdown to Reopening ︎︎︎ 

Gloriavale ︎︎︎ 

Gun Country ︎︎︎ 

Hanoi Honeymoon ︎︎︎

Let me See you ︎︎︎

Plastic Trees ︎︎︎

Silent Sisters ︎︎︎

State of Mind ︎︎︎

The Black Cave︎︎︎  

End of the Iron Age︎︎︎  

From Lockdown to Reopening︎︎︎  


Gun Country︎︎︎

Hanoi Honeymoon︎︎︎

Let me See you ︎︎︎

Plastic Trees ︎︎︎

Silent Sisters ︎︎︎

State of Mind ︎︎︎

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